Rick Springfield: A Lifetime in Music

Excerpt from Chapter 1, "It All Started Here...":  Introduction and Rick's early days learning to play guitar with teen bandmate John Kennedy (of "Me & Johnny" fame).

Excerpt from Chapter 2, "Hey, Mr. Songwriter...": Rick's penchant for harder rock and drive to write his own songs changed Zoot's image dramatically, and the band found in him not only the showman they'd been seeking but a new source of creative energy.

Excerpt from Chapter 4, "I Think I Got What I Want...": The recording and production of the Working Class Dog album planted seeds for Rick in more ways than one, forming associations that would last throughout his musical career.

Homecoming  (as Tiffany Linn)

Chapter 1

Chapter 18

Popcorn for the Princess (Coming Fall, 2013)

The text of this children's bedtime story is too brief to excerpt, so I'll share a couple of the beautiful illustrations by noted artist and longtime Chicago blues musician Dan Bellini.

Rethinking Your Law School Applications  (coming Fall, 2013)

Occupy My Heart (as Tiffany Linn, coming Summer, 2013)

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Katherine said...

Refusing to start Chapter 1 until I know that the rest of the book is coming out. I am not good with delayed gratification :)