Rick Springfield: A Lifetime in Music

This 100-page collector's limited edition biography was published in 2002. Unlike Springfield's memoir, Late, Late at Night, this book tells the story of his career as marked by managers, producers, bandmates, contemporary journalists and the like--but was written with Springfield's full cooperation.

Rick Springfield: A Lifetime in Music contains numerous photographs, including personal snapshots from Springfield's teenage years in Australia which had never before been published, and is based on interviews with:

  • Rick Springfield
  • John Kennedy, Springfield's boyhood friend and the subject of his 1983 song "Me & Johnny"
  • Chicago guitarist (and former Springfield guitarist) Keith Howland 
  • Zoot bandmates Darryl Cotton and Beeb Birtles (founding member of the Little River Band)
  • Go-Set Music correspondent Michele "Mitch" O'Driscoll
  • Zoot manager Jeff Joseph
  • Derek Hilland; Dave Whiston; Randall Wilson; Ronnie Grinnel; Ron Weisner and others.
See what the musicians and other music-industry professionals who worked with Rick in his teens have to say about his early performances.  Zoot fan club president Maria Gibbs and music journalist Mitch O'Driscoll talk about the early fan reaction, and Darryl Cotton shares his memory of the night Rick first announced his intention to move to the United States and win a Grammy--ten years before he received that award for "Jessie's Girl". 

From the whirlwind days of simultaneously taping General Hospital five days a week while touring on the weekend and recording in the cracks to the new energy of the unique tour that began in 1998 and won over reviewers across the country, this overview of nearly four decades of Springfield's musical career will vindicate fans and surprise skeptics.