Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Just Posted Yesterday! Honest!

Okay, we all know I'm lying. And for anyone who just stumbled upon this page and didn't already know I was lying, a quick glance at the previous post will quickly reveal that I haven't posted since January 1. But since I (like so many other non-bloggers with blogs) begin so many posts with "I haven't posted in months...", I thought I'd hit hard on the denial this time and pretend I was a regular poster.

I have, in fact, been blogging pretty regularly, if you take into account my secret fake test blog for work, the seven actual blogs I and my contractors maintain for work, and my two religious blogs. We'll ignore the MySpace blog, since I only signed up for a MySpace account because my sister told me to, and I think I posted exactly four times on that one, all years ago.

This, however, is my "real blog", the one that's associated with my own name, the one that my friends know that I'm writing all that, I'm wondering whether that's why I never blog here! Writing on my fake secret blog comes pretty quickly and easily because--um--well--I don't have to think about whether or not I mean what I'm saying. It's more like thinking out loud, with some targeted keyword usage along the way.

So what, you ask, am I doing here today? Well, okay, I suspect that you're not asking that, because I suspect that you're not READING this, but if you were, you would undoubtedly be saying, "What in the hell is she doing? We're about three hundred words in, she hasn't said anything yet, and she just told us all the reasons she never blogs here."

Good points all.

Here's what happened, though.

Someone linked to this blog today. And I thought...well...if people are going to LINK to it, then I'd better WRITE on it.

Next time, I'll think up something to say.


Barb said...

Well, I'M reading it and who else do you need? (Or would that be "whom?")

I am amazed that you are keeping up with everything when you have so many blogs for work. I just rediscovered my own blog and started posting much more often but it's due largely to the fact that I had foot surgery and have been confined to the computer.

Keep it up. You could, for example, write about your daughter's speech giving abilities...

RockStories said...

Your own blog? You mean that one at

You really have to get better at this "marketing yourself" thing...