Friday, August 01, 2008

Sometimes our Language is Just So...Apt

I saw a subject line on a discussion board this afternoon about "pet peeves", and it suddenly hit me that I'd never really thought about the phrase before--something that surprised me, because I think about words a lot. Sadly, though, there aren't enough hours in the day to think about all of them, so sometimes I have to wait until something like this hits me out of the blue.

Pet peeves. PET peeves? As in, ones that we choose and like to keep close to us and feed and nurture?

Now why would we do that?

I don't have any pet headaches, or pet car problems, or pet financial problems. I have no foods that I love to hate or television shows that I turn on just to annoy myself. So why would I want to keep those peeves as pets? Why wouldn't I choose to turn them back into the wilds and go on with my life just a little LESS annoyed?


Shirley said...

I saw an article on the word "actually." What it stated is that the word can be insulting. "I can't believe you actually did that." In a manner of disbelief. "That's actually quite good." Like you have never done something as good before and it's unbelievable. No wonder they say the English language is the most difficult language to learn.

Mister Thistle said...

I like your pet peeves observation. If they're peeves ... why make pets
out of them? Astute.

I've built a blog around a character that I invented -- Mister Thistle. I use him to air my gripes and quell my inner stewing. Mister T has saved me thousands of dollars in therapy. Check him out if you have the time. Thanks.

Mister T