Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bestselling Author Seeks to Reinvent Herself Again

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you know that Jacquelyn Mitchard is one of my favorite authors. You may even know the story of how she set out to write her first bestseller, The Deep End of the Ocean, after she was widowed and left without a means of supporting her children. You probably don't know that thanks to a clever investment scam artist, despite having 8 bestsellers to her credit (or perhaps it's nine, now), Jackie has to work for a living just like the rest of us.

But that's okay, because once again she has a plan. She's set out to reinvent herself as a television talk show host. And reinvention will be her theme--people well-known and people unknown who have faced challenges, fallen (or been knocked down) and gotten up again to choose a new direction and carry on.

I'm sure it's much easier to pitch this sort of thing when you're a bestselling author, but Mitchard is approaching her idea just like anyone else and putting it out there for public reaction. You can watch Jacquelyn Mitchard's audition video at

You might be thinking (as I did when I first heard this idea) that Jacquelyn Mitchard has already had her "break" and it's someone else's turn. But as I've read more about her idea, I've become more convinced that she'll be delivering an important message--the same one that she delivered when she worked her way out of personal tragedy with a debut novel and that she's delivering now by identifying another road as yet untraveled and lacing up her boots. Check out the video, and if you agree please take a moment to vote for her.

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Theresa111 said...

She's lovely. thanks for the post. I'll check out her books when next I go to the library.