Monday, May 28, 2007

Blog Catalog Community Comes Together to Raise Funds for Education

Bloggers across the country are posting this weekend in a joint effort to turn attention--and dollars--toward Donors Choose, an organzation that brings donors together with public school teachers across the country who are looking for funding for projects and supplies their school budgets can't support.

Because most public schools are funded by property taxes, those in the poorest districts are often lacking in the most basic supplies and equipment, and can't even entertain the possibility of field trips, enrichment programs, or things many of our children take for granted, like a computer in the classroom.

At Donors Choose, teachers describe exactly what they need funding for, and donors can contribute to the specific projects they feel are most important.

Of course, I'd advocate making a donation to Donors Choose at any time, but a donation today will carry the added benefit of demonstrating how effective viral marketing can be in soliciting funds for charities so that similar projects in the future will assist worthy charities in spreading the word for free.

Big thanks to Tony at Blog Catalog for organizing and publicizing this, and to YOU for whatever your contribution might be--donating to Donors Choose, spreading the word through your own blog, or whatever seems right to you.

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Miss O said...


My school library has received several donorschoose awards. It has allowed me to get many new resources and plan many special events.

Just recently I got a class trip to the Museum of Natural History Sleepover for June. I have pictures from our pre-visit Dinosaur Day on my site

Check out my blog-

The Spoon Full of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down Proposal is mine.