Sunday, May 13, 2007

Seven Unsolicited Surprises

I just happened to be reading my friend Barb's blog, where she responded to a challenge from another friend to post seven things about her that the friend didn't know. It reminded me pleasantly of a post I'd made several years ago on another blog called "twenty answers". It was simply a numbered list of random information. That post, honestly, began life as an email to a man I probably shouldn't have been telling quite so much about myself, but it ended up on my blog and started a little bit of a trend for a minute or two...twenty answers, no questions.

This one is tougher, though, because it's supposed to be things "you" don't know--whomever you may be. Since I adopted the challenge unsolicited, I can't focus on things a particular person won't know, and have to think about the things that may surprise the world at large.

1. My favorite song is by Aerosmith.

2. I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every night.

3. My first paid piece of published writing was about McGruff the Crime Dog, and took me more than three hours to write, with a lot of help from my younger sister.

4. I watched General Hospital for years, even taped it when I was working during the day--and NOT when Rick Springfield was on it.

5. I cannot swim, but I love deep water.

6. I finished my first novel in 1993, but I've never shown it to anyone.

7. I like to fish: dig up my own worms, bait my own hook, feel the simultaneous slip and scrape of the scales against my hand--but I always let them go.

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